NaNoWriMo Day 7

The Year People Floated, by Sarah Domet

Well… I skipped days 2-6, but that’s okay. Because in that time, I have learned something about myself, and that is what this whole process is about. It’s about growing and learning, just like life. So what did I learn?

Usually, I like to write by hand. And that works well, for some things, like memorizing notes and writing poetry. However, that does not work well when your thoughts are working fast. My thoughts can construct lines, scenarios, and images in the same amount of time that it takes me to write out a word. Not only does that slow me down, but it throws me off and I become a bit frustrated because these figments of thought disappear as fast as they came, and that is not okay.

Now, I know that the best way to write fast is for me to type out my thoughts, which will help me as I straggle through the word count this month now that I am a bit behind. But that is okay, because I will still be able to say that I will (hopefully) come up with at least one fairly solid snippet of writing through this.


In my creative writing class, I got to read a short titled “The Year That People Floated” by Sarah Domet, and I am definitely willing to say that I recommend the short read. Inspired by the piece itself, I decided to write a piece about the year that something else happened.

Day 7 Writing:

The year that the world became flooded in tears.  Not in the literal sense, of course, but it could’ve happened with the amount of time that people spent crying.

It all started when everyone lost the ability to lie.  No one knows the how or the why.  All that we knew was that it happened and that we couldn’t.  And so all of our truths poured out of our mouths, and the tears followed. There were couples who confessed how they truly felt in their relationships, pharmaceutical companies revealed the true results of the drugs that they sold, and politicians had no choice but to reveal their true intentions and plans going forward. A month after this truth-telling started, people either became hermits to avoid the real world, or they went out into the real world prepared with either tissues or the intent to avoid complete contact with people.

Except… I met a girl, once, when I was walking home from work.  It was overcast and I noticed her because she wore a bright yellow rain coat. She was sitting on the steps out side of a building, in the rain on a grey overcast day, in a bright yellow raincoat looking like a ray of sunshine. That’s why I noticed her, though.  I noticed her because she wasn’t crying, and she wasn’t avoiding contact.  This little girl with a baby face  was consoling the man she sat beside, who was crying and probably triple her age.  I couldn’t help but stop to stare because it was she looked so young, and yet she seemed to have an old soul. I couldn’t help but watch the interaction as it unfolded in front of me.

The man had been sobbing at the time I was passing by.  “… I worked to provide her and the kids with everything that they need.  A-and I tried to explain, but she wouldn’t listen! I’ve got two boys upstairs wondering where their mom is. I don’t know what to do…”

“There, there, Mister, everything is going to be okay,” the little girl tried to sooth as she patted him on the back.  “My mommy says that life happens for a reason.  Life works to make sure that we end up okay though.”

She was so optimistic, I couldn’t help but blurt, “How can you say something like that?”

The way she seemed to see into my should stopped me in my tracks. Her big blue eyes met mine as she embraced the sobbing man, and she said, “Because I believe that to be the truth.”

It was eerie, the way that her face resembled that of an owl and how she managed to seem just as wise. “But how do you know?” I found myself asking. “That man is a stranger to you. How do you know that he’s going to be okay? That everything will end up okay?”

A smile bloomed across her rosy lips, and she didn’t hesitate to say, “Because, in the end, everything will work out the way it’s meant to be, even if it’s not what we want. If we got what we wanted in one part of life, another part of life would not give us what we want. My mommy explains it like this, see: I always want it to be sunny so I can play outside, but if it was always sunny, we can’t have rain, and no rain means no plants, and that leads to a bunch of other things that eventually turn the world into a giant dessert. So, mommy says that we always have to have rain, and rain can be just as fun as a sunny day if we look at it the right way. So I remember to play in the puddles on rainy days, and on sunny days I can pick flowers.”

Today’s Total: 647 words

Overall Word Count: 1,108

If you enjoyed this little morsel of writing, I would appreciate it if you liked and shared down below. It would also be great if you could go check out the first day that I posted for NaNoWriMo HERE.

If you also were inspired to write to the prompt or have an idea of what I could write next, feel free to comment down below. I would also love to see how other people survive this month with their sanity intact, so also feel the desire to freely share that in the comments down below if you please.

Until next prompt (which will be very soon),

XOXO Love Always,

Kristi My♥


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