NaNoWriMo Day 8

Write a scene that includes this line: That changes everything.

Happy election day! Before I launch into writing, I just want to remind everyone the importance of voting! I know that this is a very controversial election, and I’m as tired of hearing about it as the next person, but voting is a civic duty. It’s aright that not everyone has, and because we have it here in America, I strongly encourage everyone to exercise this right.


Write a scene that includes this line: That changes everything.


I couldn’t help but look at the doctor as though he had lost his mind.  While she was standing beside me and I couldn’t see her face, I was sure that my identical twin’s face mirrored mine.  My initial thought had been, “That changes everything,” but then after some reasonable thinking it morphed into, “Who gave this guy his medical license?”

     “What do you mean we aren’t related?” Sophia said.
     That’s what I was trying to figure out.  We shared a birthday, we looked alike, and we had the same parents.  Didn’t that make us sisters? Twin sisters? That’s what we were always told.  That’s what biology class taught us. That’s what we believed.  How could that not be true?
     “Well, you see, back when scientists were trying to figure out genetic cloning, we believe that your mother or father may have agreed to be a test subject.  Now, while it seems that those scientists were unsuccessful in cloning your parents, it seems that the experiment may have been successful in cloning you, their offspring.  Now, while this might seem like good news, I’m not sure that this will help your scenario, Ms. Carson.  You see, while one go you is the original, the clone is more of a mirror image, and not everything matches up, and transfusing a part of one of you into the other might cause a mutation…” the doctor continued to explain the differences, but I had stopped listening.
     That changes everything.
Word Count: 250
Overall Word Count: 1,358
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If you also were inspired to write to the prompt or have an idea of what I could write next, feel free to comment down below. I would also love to see how other people survive this month with their sanity intact, so also feel the desire to freely share that in the comments down below if you please.
Until next prompt (which will be very soon),

XOXO Love Always,

Kristi My♥

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