NaNoWriMo Day 11

Turn on your TV or radio and use the beginning line that you hear as the beginning line of a scene or short story. "I get the strange feeling that we've danced before."


A long time ago, I signed up to receive a daily newsletter from Figment.Com, a website similar to Wattpad. While the emails have been coming out more randomly instead of daily like they originally did, they’re still providing some interesting prompts that are a great tool to use as a writing warm up. The prompt that I’m writing to today is from September 27, and it goes:

“Turn on your radio or TV on and use the first complete sentence that you hear as the beginning line of a scene or a story.”

The possibilities of this prompt were endless, and I couldn’t resist, so I turned on the TV, and this was the first line I heard:

“I get the strange feeling that we’ve danced before.”


“I get the strange feeling that we’ve danced before.”

     And they had, but she didn’t know that, nor did she need to. So he didn’t say anything. He just held her in his arms, and took the moment in. The sweet scent of perfume, something mixed in with vanilla. The hazelnut brown of her eyes, which he knew would someday fade to some shade between blue and gray. Her long locks of hair, that would some day not be around because she would get tired of maintaining it, even though she always said that it would never happen. Her face, which would soon have wrinkles from little things, like between her brows that would furrow when she thought too hard about something, or around her mouth because she always took the time to laugh at least three times a day, or the circles around her eyes that came from extended periods without sleep and maybe even tears from being hurt and more regrets than she deserved to have. These are things that they would reflect on together, one day. For now, all that he needed them to do was breathe. They both needed to breathe and just enjoy spinning and twirling and wrapping into each other’s arms.
Word Count: 208
Overall Count: 1,916
It’s not long, but I feel like it’s really sweet, and I actually don’t mind it. Just a small morsel of happiness.
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XOXO Love Always,
Kristi My♥

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