NaNoWriMo Day 26

What would you do if you had a gap year? NaNoWriMo Day 26

Well, it comes to no surprise that I have been very inconsistent with updating. That’s okay though, because with the few days that I did end up doing, I now have some writing I could reflect and possibly improve. For now, though, I’m going to try to get through the last bit of this month.


For today’s prompt, I found an older article on The New York Times website. Back in 2014, they published an article titled “500 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing“. I think the title pretty much explains what the article is about. So I asked one of my sisters to pick a number, and they picked 343, and so my writing prompt is:

What would you do with a gap year?


What would I do with a gap year? Honestly, this is something I think of often, just because I am in the process of going to school. And I’ve been at it hard, so a break like a gap year just sounds like a dream to me.

If I had my dream gap year, I would be traveling. Road trip around America. Backpacking through Europe. Exploring the historical ruins of Peru. I would experience the cultures of the world. I would taste the food of Brazil, or interact with the people of Iceland. Nothing would compare to the pictures I would take. The Chicago lights at night, the blue of the Mediterranean, or the sunrise by the Grand Canyon. This would be the dream, yes, but I don’t think I could have this. It’s out of price range, and a year would not be enough. I would never go back.

If I were to take a gap year from school, the realistic thing for me to do would be to work. I’ve always had to work for the things I have, the things that I want. I would probably continue to work to help my parents, and I would also probably try to find something new to try. I always wanted to try waitressing or bartending, even though I know those aren’t easy jobs. They’re different, and I would have to adopt some of the skills that I already know, but everyone should experience the different things that life has to offer. And by working, I would have the money to pay for school with no worries. But then I would be tired, tired of the constant going and going without a break. Then I wouldn’t want to be in school, and what would the point of a gap year be?

The balanced year would be the one that involves both traveling and work, and yet I still don’t think that it would be right. Traveling and work, but I would not be in school, which is strange, because that’s all I’ve done for the past twelve years. Then I would end up watching everyone else in my life complete life milestones like college and I wouldn’t get that. What would I do with a gap year? I wouldn’t know. Because the reality is, I’m okay with where I’m at. I’m okay with the constant work and school, and occasionally traveling when the opportunity comes, because that’s just how I’m wired. That’s what I know.

Word count: 415

Overall word count: 3,337

It’s simple and basic, but if you enjoyed this little morsel of writing, I’ve written others this month as well. The last time that I wrote was on Day 14, which also seems to be the one that I would most likely go back to, but one of my favorite ones that I wrote was the Crazy Car post. Further more, if you enjoyed, remember to show your support by liking, sharing, and subscribing so that you can get an update of when I update.

XOXO Love Always,

Kristi My♥

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