20 Things I Want To Do Now That I’m 20

Welcome to the twentieth year of my life. Here are 20 things that I want to accomplish.

It’s been a week, and I still can’t believe that I’m 20, so in reality when people ask me, I tell them I’m 3. There are people that believe it, too.

Honestly, though, life has flown by for me to actually be able to say that I’m 20. I feel like 15 was yesterday, and I blinked only to have 5 full years pass.

Don’t get me wrong, twenty is an okay age to be; I just kind of feel like I haven’t accomplished all that I said I would do when I was this age. Those accomplishments feel like they’ve slipped through my fingers like sand, like no matter how hard I tried to hold onto every moment they managed to slip through.

So, now I’ve compiled this list of things that I want to do now that I’m 20. They do say that this is the best time to experiment, after all.

1. Take My Dog Out Paddle Boarding

I’ve been paddle boarding, and I love it. I also love my pup, and when I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, I saw a photo of a pup being King of a Kayak. I bought Damian a life vest within that same hour, and now we are just waiting for the right day and time.

Little Damian the Wigglebutt/Malshi staring at the camera in his life vest

2. Go Out All Night (for once)…

I don’t know about you, but I like being comfortable at 10 P.M. at night. That usually does not mean that I am out and about on the town at this time. However, I would love to see what all the hype is about.

3. See St. Augustine…

…Or just more of the world in general. St. Augustine was just the first thing that came to my mind, because I live under an hour from it and I’ve always said I’ve wanted to go. I always say I would love to see more of the world, but I don’t really do it.

4. Zip Line Somewhere Magnificent

I would also want Peter Pan’s “You Can Fly!” playing at an audible volume in the background. It would be cool to just soar over a place as beautiful as Neverland?

5. Go To a Concert

I love music, especially country music. Rumor is that the best way to hear it is live. I’d love to go to a huge concert at some point, or perhaps even a festival.

6. Finish a Screenplay

…Or just accomplish any writing. I’ve been so focused on other things that I forget my passion sometimes, that thing that drives me. Luckily, this summer I’ve signed up for classes with more of a writing focus.

7. Paintball

I think this is one of the few guns that I would want to fire.

8. Go a Little Blonder…

Blondes do have more fun, right? I’ll find out for sure when I take the chance to try something new with my hair. So long as I steadily get there, and I don’t just go straight there, I shouldn’t hate how it looks on me.

9. Take a Spin/Dance/Aerial Yoga Class…

…And also a zumba class. I would just like to find something active that I would like to do regularly. I mean, boxing is great cardio, but for an everyday activity, it could become a mind-numbing habit to just punch a bag. Then there’s paddle boarding, but I don’t have my own and that could get expensive.

10. Be a Little More Artistic

Writing will always be my craft, but I don’t think it would hurt me to learn something new. The idea of playing an instrument like the violin has always appealed to me, and watercolor paintings always catch my eye. These days, it also doesn’t hurt to have decent photography skills.

Cinderella's Castle lit up like Elsa's Frozen Castle

11. Hit All of the Disney World Parks

Living so close to Orlando, I figured that it was about time that I got an annual pass to one of the theme parks, and what better pass to get than to the most magical place on Earth? I think it’s fitting, since I’m a child at heart anyway.

12. Build Your Relationships

I’ve always been blessed with the best in this department, but it wouldn’t hurt for me to strengthen these relationships. Furthermore, it wouldn’t hurt me to expand my network either.

13. Volunteer More

Giving back to the world is a generous, amazing thing to do that gives me a wonderful feeling. Why not feel that way more often?

14. Inspire Someone

I feel like this is one of the highest praises that anyone can receive: that they’ve been positively influenced by who you are as a person, that because they knew you, their life is better. I would love to say that I inspired someone, would love to see the positive change left behind because of me.

15. Win a Contest

I’m that person who does not purchase lottery tickets, because I know that I have a better chance of being struck by lightening twice. However, I would like to experience the thrill of winning something. It doesn’t have to be money, it could just be an ice cream cone and I would be okay.

16. Make Better Use of My Tongue…

…And not in the sexual way, even though I’m sure that it wouldn’t hurt. Languages have always been interesting to me, and while they’re hard, I would love to learn. I could re-learn French, start on American Sign Language, or just become better at speaking Vietnamese.

17. Read Harry Potter and Visit Universal

Literally, everyone I know has read, or watched, or is a part of the Harry Potter Fandom in some way. I, however, am one of those people who prefer to read books before seeing the movies, and I haven’t read the Harry Potter books. This is something that I’ve wanted for a long time, but I haven’t sat down to actually read them yet. When I do, I’ll go all in and see the real-life constructed version too.

18. Learn the Skills of a Barista

Coffee-enthusiastic, anyone? I know I can be, especially when I know I have papers to write and tests to study for. However, Starbucks is not open 24/7 (by me), and Starbucks all the time can get expensive. I’d love the skills to make my own drinks (and then I can get more advanced with the alcoholic ones in a year).

19. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding has been a goal of mine since I turned twelve. I asked my dad for lessons, and he said yes, but then my mom said no. Now here we are, and I’m planning on it sometime soon.

20. Dancemarathon

The idea itself sounds so fun, but it also sounds super intimidating. I know my university has one annually, and it’s to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. It’s a great cause (I know two people who have been affected by it) is something that I would love to experience, but I kind of wonder how dead I’ll be afterwards. It’ll be worth it, and we’ll see when I get there.

At the End of the Day…

I’m at that age where I’m considered an adult, but I don’t feel like an adult. I’m a child. I guess that’s why people label us as “young adults”. It still feels surreal no matter what you call it.

This list was hard to compile, but that does not make any of these things any less true. I can’t wait to start crossing things off of this list, and I hope that you’ll join my adventures on this blog. I’ll be sure to share every time that I’m able to accomplish something.

Love Always,

Kristi My♥

Me sipping on a pineapple in front of a lake

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