Have you ever been in a conversation with someone where, at one point, the mood shifts in an unexpected way?  Suddenly, the person you’re talking to has a lovely smile that matches the new sparkle in their eyes.  It’s intriguing, seeing the subtle little changes in the other person as they talk about something that has sparked such an interest.  This new spark is attractive.  This is love, but it’s not the I-want-to-marry-you love; it’s the passionate love for something you never get tired of, and it’s something that brings out the best version of yourself.  These passions are my favorite conversations, and it’s driven me to start this blog.

Who Am I?

Born in Chicago. Raised in New Smyrna. Heart full of wanderlust.

My name is actually how I got the name for the blog.  My middle name is “My,” and since it’s a word of possession, it tends to work for things like this.  So, my name is Kristi, and this is My Blog.

I’m a nineteen-year-old girl with an unbelievable capacity for emotions.  There’s an ice cold fear of failure and rejection that occasionally has the ability to hold me back, but then there’s also a white hot passion that burns inside of me to do what I love and take full advantage of the life that I’ve been given.

With that said, I’m in the process of becoming the best version of myself. I’m a ray of sunshine, trying to send out rays of positivity and optimism the way the sun sends sunbeams to nurture the Earth.  I’m driven by passion and love, as well as hopes and dreams, to live life to it’s fullest capacity.

As I discover and develop into who I’m supposed to be, I am going to share it here with you, and I hope you’ll share with me too.

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