Have you ever been in a conversation with someone where there’s a beautiful mood shift unexpectedly?  Suddenly, the person you’re talking to has a lovely smile that matches the new sparkle in their eyes as they go on and on about this topic that is so intriguing, because it’s obvious that they care deeply about it.  This new spark is attractive.  This is love, but it’s not the I-want-to-marry-you love; it’s the passionate love for something you never get tired of, and it’s something that brings out the best version of yourself.  These passions are my favorite conversations, and it’s driven me to start this blog and share my passion for writing.

Who Am I?

I’m the artist who paints pictures inside of minds, and I leave a mark on their soul with my words.

That sentence is one I wrote myself, and I still think that it’s one of the best ways of describing who I am. It makes sense to introduce myself that way, because this blog was born from my passion for writing, as well as my love for people.

My name is actually how I got the name for the blog.  My middle name is “My,” and since it’s a word of possession, it tends to work for things like this.  So, my name is Kristi, and this is My Blog.

Legally, I’m considered a young adult, but I feel like a little kid more often than I feel like an adult. Like any other college student, I’m in the process of figuring everything out while I become the very best version of myself and take full advantage of the life that I’ve been given.

With that said, as I live life and chase my passion, I’m going to share my adventure here with you, and I hope you’ll share with me too.

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