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Day 5: My First Club+Advice

Nightlife Do's and Don'ts

Day 5 in Detroit was another quiet one, but I got to go out for my first night out and I learned a thing or two. I’m going to share my advice here.

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20 Things I Want To Do Now That I’m 20

Welcome to the twentieth year of my life. Here are 20 things that I want to accomplish.

Isn’t 20 a strange age to be? Not a (complete) child, or adult. I thought that I would share how I wanted to go about this year.

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The Bullet Journal Verdict

I started a bullet journal, and this is how using this system has worked out for me.

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Bullet Journal With Me!

The first page of my bullet journal, full of inspirational quotes.

Thinking of starting a bullet journal? Here’s how I started mine.

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