Friday Favorites: 8 Favorite Blog Follows

Friday Favorites: 8 of My Favorites Bloggers Header Image

I gotta say that it’s really satisfying knowing that I’ve made it to day 8 of my blogging challenge. I’m over halfway through my challenge, and I think I’m still going strong. Some of my favorite blog posts to write are the ones where I’m sharing my favorite things. I thought it would be really fitting to share some of the blogs that have influenced me as I try and become more involved in the blogging community. Since it’s day 8 of my blogging challenge, here are 8 of my favorite blogs that I follow.

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Friday Favorites: Workouts

Since everyone is probably discussing workouts, I thought I would use today’s Friday Favorites to share my favorite workouts. Honestly, if I didn’t like these so much, I probably would just vegetate on a couch to my mind’s content. They either lift my heart or make it work overtime with excitement.

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Friday Favorites: 6 of My Favorite Apps

For National Apps Day, I'm going to share with you my favorite apps to use on a regular basis.

In honor of National Apps Day on December 11, I wanted to share what my favorite apps to use are. Now, this will exclude the everyday social media favorites like Instagram and Twitter, or just media in general, like Spotify and YouTube. Those are staples, so the apps I list here will be different from my everyday apps.

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