Scrapbook with Me!

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In honor of National Scrapbook Day, I want to share with you one way that I’m spending quarantine. I know this is a bit more old-fashioned and a bit more time consuming than just having a digital photo frame and uploading all of your photos, but I feel like scrap booking gives me a chance to interact with old memories. It also gives me a chance to be a little more creative when I look at these things.

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Friday Favorites: 3 Memories with My Sisters

Header for Favorite Sister Memories

At my worst and at my best, my siblings have been by my side. While I grew up jealous of the attention that they sometimes got, I’ve grown to really love them. That’s why, for today’s post, I wanted to share one of my favorite memories with each of them.

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What I’m Reading (and Doing) During Social Distancing

What I'm Reading (And Doing) During Social Distancing

Today, I thought I would take the time and share what’s on my reading list during this self-quarantine. I’ll also be sharing other things you can do to fill your time, and how these things could be a little less lonely in a time when we’re trying to isolate ourselves.

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